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Crown Arts

Wholesale Pictures and Framed Art

Shop our online store to see wholesale pricing on our framed art prints.

We offer a wide selection of picture frame moldings.

Our selection of fine art prints is wide, and appeals to most any interest: still life prints, spiritual and religious prints, black art, victorian art prints, kitchen prints, bathroom prints, fruit prints, angel pictures, scenic landscape prints, floral prints, flower prints, and many more.

Our genres of pictures are suitable for the hospitality market, hotels, bed and breakfasts, commercial offices, lodges, nursing homes and hospitals, furniture stores, and of course homes.

Crown Arts LLC is an American-owned company founded and operated solely in the USA.

Wholesale Prints
Crown Art offers open-edition framed fine art prints with wood or MDF moldings in these sizes:
  • 22x28
  • 16x20
  • 8x20
  • 8x10

All framed prints come with glass, wire hangers, and corner protectors.

Fine Art Prints
Our fine art prints feature these artists:
  • Nicky Boehme
  • Vivian Flasch
  • John P. O'Brien
  • T.C. Chiu
  • Ruanne Manning
and many more
Picture Categories
We offer fine art prints in the following categories:
  • Scenic Prints
  • Lansdscape Prints
  • Lighthouse Prints
  • Animal Prints
  • Victorian Prints
  • Black Art
  • Coca Cola Prints
  • Angel Prints
  • Kitchen & Bath
and a wide variety of others